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Brain Injuries

Annually, close to 100,000 Americans sustain serious brain injuries that require them to seek medical treatment; however, when these injuries are suffered at the hands of a medical care provider, to whom can victims turn for the professional help they need in order to recover? Since 1975, DominaLaw Group has been representing victims of personal injury and medical malpractice, including those whose brain injuries were sustained or exacerbated under the care of a medical professional. As such, we understand how the legal and medical fields interact with one another, and we know how to develop tactics that can be effectively used in court.

Representation for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury

Cases of medical malpractice and medical negligence are all too frequent among the professionals who are meant to be providing care to injured and ill patients. The extent of an impactful brain injury can take years to determine, because different signs and symptoms appear over time as the injury progresses. There are, however, specific symptoms of brain injuries that can be used to initially identify the problem, including headaches, nausea, personality changes, depression, confusion, cognitive problems, irritability, vision problems, and other emotional and behaviors problems. Severe injuries can also result in seizures and comas.

When medical professionals do not recognize these symptoms as signs of brain injury, the problems can be exacerbated to dangerous levels. As trained medical professionals, doctors and nurses are expected to be able to properly identify the warning signs of a brain injury and then move forward with the proper treatment. Failure to diagnose these symptoms can be reason to make a claim of medical malpractice, and at DominaLaw Group, we are prepared to help you take these types of lawsuit to court.

Experience You Can Trust

Whether your brain damage is focal (confined to one area of your brain) or diffuse (affecting multiple areas of your brain), legal action can be taken to obtain the compensation you deserve as a victim. The medical expenses that result from injuries of this nature are often much more costly than injured individuals can feasibly afford. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often just as unwilling to take responsibility for these payments as are the negligent medical professionals who caused them. The delay and deceit that are often used as tactics by insurance companies and negligent doctors who are trying to escape paying compensation can be fought in court under the representation of DominaLaw Group.

For more than 30 years, our attorneys have represented cases of medical malpractice in states throughout the U.S. Instances of inappropriate open surgical procedures that may have led to brain injury, as well as birth trauma resulting in cerebral palsy (brain damage) have been effectively represented by our firm time and again. We have deliberately remained untied to any professional organizations that could jeopardize our ability to aggressively take a controversial case to court. As such, we have been called upon to handle some of the most complex and provocative cases in the legal and medical fields. To learn more about the skills we can put to work for you, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with an associate from the firm.

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