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Who We Are

It takes only a second for a standard medical procedure to turn into a serious personal injury. It takes only a moment for a qualified doctor's negligence to become your own medical nightmare. Therefore, it is crucial that you invest more than a few minutes into understanding who your legal team is and how we can help you recover from an accident involving behaviors of medical malpractice.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Since it was founded in 1975, DominaLaw Group has experienced tremendous success in the field of personal injury law. Established by an attorney whose accomplishments far exceed his age and experience, DominaLaw Group is led by Mr. Domina himself - currently, one of a handful of attorneys in the history of the U.S. to achieve a billion dollar verdict. Under the admirable leadership of Mr. Domina, who we are as attorneys has been solidified during the 30+ years that our firm has been in business. Today, we stand strong in the philosophies we preach and the methods we practice.

Unique to DominaLaw Group, our professional approach to cases of medical malpractice relies upon no single standard of legal representation. Instead, we approach each case that we take on with a new set of ideas and a fresh strategy. Who we are is directly reflected in the way that we represent our clients in court, and we take our jobs very seriously. Therefore, clients of DominaLaw Group can expect nothing short of excellence in the strategies that are developed on their behalf. Skillful in our approach, we pay careful attention to the small details of a case, drawing upon a situation's own intricacies for unique inspiration.

We Respect Our Clients & We Respect the Legal Process

The legal process is delicate, and for too long, it has been widely abused by professionals in the field. You will not find this to be the case at DominaLaw Group. We are medical malpractice lawyers whose passion for the law has not been lost in our endless efforts to yield successful results. We respect the legal process, and as such, we are unwilling to compromise our values to extract unwarranted success. Loyal to the legal system that was originally created for our country, we have found new, innovative ways to represent the clients we serve.

Under the guidance of an associate at our office, a unique method of approach will be developed on your behalf. Unconcerned with sticking to the confines that many law firms have created for themselves, we instead focus on the bigger picture: How we can help you. With this in mind, our every effort is focused on effectively shedding new light on a case that has been brought to trial under our representation. The solid client-attorney relationship that is developed during the work we do together reflects the core of who we are: concerned, compassionate, and creative attorneys who will not settle for anything less than the very best.

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