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Why Hire Us?

DominaLaw Group Offers Unique Representation

The question of why you should hire an attorney after being injured by a medical malpractice error has a clear answer: to help you obtain the money you are rightfully due as a victim of professional negligence. The question of why to hire DominaLaw Group cannot be answered as succinctly, because there are many aspects of our legal practice that lend themselves to beneficial results for the clients who choose to work with us.

In 1975, Mr. Domina founded what has come to be a well-known legal establishment among professionals throughout the country. Today, our unique services are utilized by victims of medical malpractice, as well as other firms and solo practitioners who wish to refer out cases that they cannot handle on their own. In no less than 43 states throughout the U.S., our services have been called upon by victims, families, and professional peers alike, and today, we are proud to have tried more than 330 cases to verdict.

The major arbitrations and multi-million dollar settlements we have accounted for in our 30+ years of practice are only a small testament to the high degree of representation that we provide to our clients. Our attorneys have a deep respect for the law and the legal process as a whole. As such, we have held true to the core practices of the legal system, and we have not yielded to the standardized methods of representation that other firms adopt in order to expedite what could otherwise be a lengthy process. This has enabled us to deliver personalized representation that is uniquely designed to match the wants and needs of the clients we represent.

We Stand Apart from the Rest

Under the direction of DominaLaw Group, the medical malpractice lawsuit you take to trial will be represented in a way that is unlike any other. Long ago, our attorneys made a unanimous decision that we would not succumb to the typical one-size-fits-all approach that has been adopted by so many other attorneys. Instead, we thoroughly review the details of each medical malpractice case that comes our way before accepting the undertaking, because once we do, our every effort will be invested into developing a personalized strategy for you.

What sets DominaLaw Group apart from the rest is not just our professional accomplishments; it is the way that we go about gaining such successes. Not for nothing are we the only law firm in the nation with an attorney who can say that he is responsible for one of the only billion dollar verdicts in the country. This kind of success is fostered by unique strategies that cannot be found anywhere else. The depth and breadth of our practice surpasses that of so many others, because we are willing to go above and beyond in our efforts to achieve results for our clients.

How can we help you?

Our question to you is, "how can we help?" As equal investors in your case, we are just as concerned with our ability to assist in your efforts as you are. At DominaLaw Group, we do not blindly accept every case that comes our way, nor do we make promises that we cannot guarantee. Rather, we devote a considerable amount of time to dissecting the minute details of the medical malpractice or negligence that led to your injury before determining whether or not we believe that our services will be of help to you.

Why hire DominaLaw Group? If you are looking for a skilled team of attorneys whose experience and case results speak for themselves, then your question can be answered immediately. Our firm is proudly responsible for two constitutional impeachments, more than 260 State and Federal appeals, nine out of nine successful acquittals, and multi-million dollar judgments in more than ten different states. Our unique application of the law, paired with our personalized approach in court have resulted in a winning combination that has proven to be successful time and again. We encourage you to contact our office today to further discuss hiring DominaLaw Group as your legal representation.

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